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Student bartender behind the bar making a drink at Crescent School Gaming And Bartending


3-Week Bartending Course
The emphasis of the 3-week Bartending course is on mastering the art of mixing drinks quickly and properly. Upon graduation, the student will have the confidence and ability to step behind any bar, without any hesitation, and mix drinks proficiently. The key to mastering this art is practice, therefore students can expect to spend much of their class time behind the bar mixing cocktails.

12-Week Bartending and Beverage Management Course
Crescent is unique in offering a 12-week Beverage Management course that's designed to help you move into a Head Bartender or Beverage Management position. If you plan on opening your own establishment, Crescent Schools will prepare you with the necessary skills needed to turn a profit and avoid the common pitfalls.

Casino Gaming

Crescent's Casino Dealer Training programs provide up-to-the-minute, relevant instruction on all the latest gaming trends and techniques. What you learn is based on the primary skills employers want to see in the dealers they hire AND what players like to see in the dealers they interact with and tip on the casino floor.



We offer courses in Filipino, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin languages.



Day or night classes starting weekly. Our hours are 9:00 am – 10:00 pm.



Crescent Schools failed to meet the 90/10 requirement in 2022. If Crescent Schools has a subsequent failure in 2023 that could result in the institution’s inability to offer Title IV student aid. 

(if qualified)

Crescent is an accredited school.

Crescent School Gaming And Bartending

Crescent School Gaming And Bartending

Crescent School Gaming And Bartending

Foreign VISA Program

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Contact our Financial Aid Specialist to see if you qualify for GRANTS and/or SCHOLARSHIPS. Click here to read more information regarding financial aid.


Our connections in the bartending and casino gaming industries and hands-on, personalized job placement process are second to none. Lifetime job placement assistance available.


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Our Mission

The mission of Crescent Schools is to provide willing individuals with the technical knowledge and practical experience necessary to succeed and excel in rewarding positions in the hospitality industry. Our business strives to instill four qualities in our students: Competence, Confidence, Proficiency and Professional Attitude. These qualities will enable each student to grow professionally and personally. Our aim of producing the most qualified individuals creates a wealthy resource of reliable, capable personnel and provides the industry with the competitive edge.

We're accredited by ACCET (the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training). That means Crescent is required to maintain a high placement level for the bartenders and casino dealers who graduate and are certified at all of our four locations (New Orleans, Las Vegas East, Las Vegas West, Gulfport/Biloxi) across the United States.

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