General Questions

How long has Crescent been in business?

Crescent was founded in 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since that time, Crescent has grown to four locations across the United States and is still owned by the orginal founders.

Where are your campuses located?

Crescent has four locations, including New Orleans, Louisiana; Gulfport, Mississippi; and two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Why is investing in a bartending or casino dealing career a smart career decision?

Bartenders and casino dealers are in high demand; the growth rate is around 10 percent, much higher than other industries. The fact that more states are opening casinos is also a great sign for those in the hospitality sector. Tourism dollars spent in large cities and resort areas is continuing to increase. In addition, both professionals are mobile; you can take your Crescent education on the road, making it easier to find lucrative positions anywhere in the world.

How is Crescent different from other bartending or casino dealing schools?

Crescent offers both bartending and casino gaming courses in one school. Crescent is an accredited school by ACCET (the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training). In addition, Crescent has gained Federal approval to accept financial aid and to sponsor students as M-1 visitors; we issue foreign students a Department of Immigration & Naturalization form I-20 to study in the U.S.

What's Crescent's educational philosophy?

Crescent instructors are experienced, patient, and knowledgeable. Classes are small enough to customize each student's experience. Whether in the bartending program or the casino dealing program, students move through instruction at their own pace. You can take as long as you need to understand all of the concepts well enough to ace an interview or audition. Or, if you already know the basics, you can complete the bartending program in as litle as three weeks, and the 3-game casino dealing program in about three months.


Course Specifics and Getting A Job

When do new bartending and casino gaming classes begin?

Students start Crescent programs on a rolling enrollment basis. Most courses start on select Mondays during the month. Contact an Admissions Representative at the campus of your choice for exact dates. Call us in Las Vegas at (702) 458-9910; in New Orleans at (504) 822-3362; and in Gulfport at (228) 822-2444.

What courses are avalable for bartending?

Crescent offers a 3-Week Bartending Course that emphasizes mastering the art of mixing drinks quickly and properly. In addition, our unique 12-Week Beverage Management Course is designed to help you move into a Head Bartender or Beverage Manager position, or to open and profitably manage your own establishment. It begins every 21 school days. Courses are offered Monday - Friday (except holidays), during the day and at night.

What courses are available for casino dealing?

Crescent offers a One Game Gaming Certificate Program (7 weeks) and a Two Game Certificate Program (14 weeks). We also offer a Comprehensive Gaming Certificate Program (30 weeks) where students are trained in all five major games. Games include Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Mini-Baccarat/Carnival Games, and Craps. Courses are offered Monday - Friday (except holidays), during the day and at night.

What type of job placement assistance program does Crescent offer?

We have connections. At Crescent, we've helped to place hundreds of graduates at businesses all over the country. Crescent has a full-time Placement Director at each campus who works one-on-one with each gaming and mixology student to help them find a job before they graduate. Our placement staff will assist you in arranging auditions and job interviews, Many times, they call ahead to personally speak with the hiring manager about your extensive training and to highlight your many talents. Once you graduate from Crescent, you also have a lifetime membership. That means that any time in the future, you can go to any of Crescent's campuses and take additional courses in your specialty area free of charge.


Paying For Your Crescent Education

How can I pay for my Crescent tuition?

Crescent has been approved to accept U.S. Federal financial aid. Types of financial aid available include: Federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Loans, and WIA/WIN (Workforce Investment Act/Network) Funding. To be eligible for Federal educational aid, you must have a high school diploma or GED. Many Crescent students end up paying for their whole Crescent program from these sources and have living expenses left over. Alternative financing options are also available. Get more information here.

How much is tuition for Crescent's bartending and casino gaming programs?

Crescent tuition rates vary based on the program you select. Many Crescent students start with no money down. Our tuition rates are summarized here. (Refer to Gainful Employment page.)  

How do I apply to Crescent?

You can fill out our simple form online and a Crescent representative will be in touch with you shortly, or you can call the Admissions Representative at the Crescent campus of your choice. Contact us in Las Vegas at (702) 458-9910; in New Orleans at (504) 822-3362; and in Gulfport at (228) 822-2444.