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The Bartending and Beverage Management programs at Crescent School of Gaming and Bartending are designed to give the student hands-on training behind an actual bar.

3-Week Bartending Course

The emphasis of our hands-on, 3-week Bartending course is on mastering the art of mixing drinks quickly and properly. Students will gain useful knowledge of products, equipment and over 200 drink recipes. Upon graduation, the student will have the confidence and ability to step behind any bar, without any hesitation, and mix drinks proficiently. The key to mastering this art is practice, therefore students can expect to spend much of their class time behind the bar mixing cocktails. This Course includes three weeks of "on-the-job" training in our simulated cocktail lounge, which will help you increase your speed, coordination and confidence behind the bar. Accurately passing a speed test is required for certification, and further time and training will be offered at no additional cost until certification requirements are met.  In additional, all students and graduates receive a lifetime of free brush-up sessions and our remarkable job placement assistance services. 

This course is completed in only three weeks. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 10 am to 1pm, or 5pm to 8pm. You can choose to attend either day or evening classes. Sessions are interchangeable. Orientation for new students is held every Monday. 

This course is eligible for W.I.A. funding, for those that qualify. This course is also offered for FREE upon completion of our Comprehensive Casino Gaming course, which is eligible for the Pell Grant.

Please call your local campus for pricing and more information about financial aid

12-Week Beverage Management Course

bartenderCrescent is unique in offering a 12-week Beverage Management course that's designed to help you move into a Head Bartender or Beverage Manager position. This class is the only one of its kind in the nation, along with its impressive hands-on bartending/mixology training, you will also learn a wide range of management skills along with intensive product knowledge training. This class is eligible for financial aid.                         

New classes begin each month. Attend classes Monday - Friday, day or evening.

Learn everything from the Bartending program, plus the business aspects of running a bar, including:

  • Inventory management - Purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing of liquor
  • Staffing - Hiring, training, motivation and scheduling
  • Cost control - Understanding your budget, beverage cost, and ways to protect the profit
  • Marketing - Techniques to bring customers in and keep them coming back
  • Spirits, beer and wine - How they are made, their similarities and differences.
  • Field trips and guest lectures - visit working breweries and talk with industry experts

Getting certified as a bartender at Crescent will give you an advantage in securing the top jobs in the hospitality industry, whether it be at a bar, restaurant, hotel, resort, casino, on a cruise ship, or as a private bartender at parties and special events.

If you plan on opening your own establishment, Crescent Schools will prepare you with the necessary skills needed to turn a profit and avoid the common pitfalls.

Classes are M-F, 11-4 or 5-10 (interchangeable). Orientation is once a month. Contact your local campus for start dates. Students from this class have been averaging between 6-7 minutes to accurately complete their 30-drink speed test. Recently the 6-minute mark was broken and 5:51 is the new time to beat with 98% accuracy. This class is approved for both FAFSA financial aid and W.I.A. funding.

We also host regularly scheduled special events and all bartending students and graduates are always welcome to attend. During many of these events you'll have an opportunity to meet and learn from major brand ambassadors, top local, national, and international mixologists keeping you current with industry trends and products.


We offer courses in Filipino, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Mandarin languages.

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