Historic Bars and Cocktails in New Orleans

New Orleans, home to the first Crescent School campus, is a city with centuries worth of history (and legends), especially in the entertain, hospitality and bartending space. Here are a few of our favorite historic bars - boasting fun stories and delicious, classic cocktails.

Pat O'Brien's

According to its website, "Pat O'Brien's motto since 1933 has been "Have Fun!" and people from all across the globe have experienced just that throughout its history."

Around 1933, prohibition ended and Pat O'Brien converted his speakeasy to a legitimate drinking establishment in the 600 block of St. Peter Street. A few years, Pat and his friend Charlie Cantrell decided to become partners and buy the building at 718 St. Peter Street, because with great success and popularity Pat had outgrown the little space.This building is now home to the world famous bar. The structures were originally built circa 1791 and became home to the first French Theater Company in New Orleans.

In the mid 1940's, Pat O'Brien's famous Hurricane Drink was created, driving business even further. At that time, supply of liquor such as whiskey, bourbon and scotch. But rum supply was high. In fact, bar owners were forced to buy large quantities of rum, 50 cases or so, in order to purchase other liquor. To sell the large stock of rum, Pat and his team crafted the Hurricane. Pat O'Brien served it in a glass shaped like a Hurricane lamp and the drink was perfected - and it's still wildly successful today.

Sazerac Bar

"Sample the world’s first mixed drink at the Sazerac Bar," boasts the bar's website.

The Sazerac Bar is named after what many consider to be the world’s first mixed drink, the Sazerac, which was created in New Orleans. The bar is housed in the Roosevelt hotel. It's history is just as notable as its decor and an elegant atmosphere - like the famous Paul Ninas murals gracing the establishment. At one time, Huey P. Long would often visit and order his favorite drink, and another staple in New Orleans cocktail history, the Ramos Gin Fizz. 

Restored to reflect the spirit of the original establishment, elegant bar stools and plush banquettes invite locals and visitors alike to enjoy hand-crafted cocktails and free-flowing conversations. 


Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

This incredible bar is considered to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. It was built between 1722 and 1732 by Nicolas Touze. Not only is the bar known for its longevity, but also it's years of history. The structure escaped two great fires at the turn of the 19th Century, due to slate roofing. And it is believed to have been used by the famous pirate brothers, Jean and Pierre Lafitte, as a New Orleans base for their smuggling operation. 

The legend is based on the fact that the property was owned by the family of Castillon, an adventurer, and the privateer Captain Rene Beluche, who commanded his ship in Lafitte's fleet. But, according to the Lafitte's website, "Like most New Orleans legends, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop is a gumbo of truth and French, Spanish, African, Cajun and American embellishments."


Carousel Bar

The famous Carousel Bar is housed within the classic New Orleans place of entertainment, Hotel Monteleone. The classic New Orleans hotel bar, located on famed Royal Street, is the city’s only revolving bar. For decades, it has lured guests in to take a spin on the 25-seat, bright, circus-clad Merry-Go-Round. 

The Vieux Carre cocktail, which hosts cognac and rye whiskey spiced with bitters, gets its title from the name of the New Orleans neighborhood that we now call the French Quarter. It originated in the New Orleans’s Hotel Monteleone – and still served today. The hotel is also the headquarters for Tales of the Cocktail annual cocktail and spirits festival.

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